Macleaya: Growing Guide

Extremely rampant hardy perennial with large grey leaves.


Except for the fact that it develops too many runners, it is a fine border plant. Also as wall cover, in semi-wild gardens etc.


Will thrive in any reasonably nutritious soil, provided it is not too dry.


From seed, by division, or from root cuttings.

Macleaya cordata syn Bocconia cordata, plume poppy: Height 2-3 m; flowering season mid to late summer. Small flowers without petals, but with white calyxes, from which white or rose-red stamens emerge; flowers arranged in pyramidal clusters. The large leaves are deeply incised and blue green in colour. The plant produces a creamy-white sap. In the garden variety – ‘Kelway’s Coral Plume’ – the stamens are deep rose-red.

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