Mahonia- Oregon Grape

Evergreen shrubs with composite, toothed leaves and fine berries. They resemble Berberis.


Often in mixed groups of shrubs, in the shade, also as informal hedges. In a draughty position the foliage will turn very unsightly in winter.


Damp soil, rich in humus.


From seed or by layering.

Mahonia aquifolium: Height to 2 m; yellow flowers in short clusters in mid to late spring. Glossy green foliage, turning bronze in winter; blue berries.

Mahonia healii: Height to 1 m; flowering season early to mid spring, sometimes even earlier. Yellow flowers in erect growing clusters; the berries are covered in fine bloom.

Mahonia japonica: Height to 1 m; pale-yellow flowers in drooping clusters in mid to late spring; the flowers are fairly small. The foliage is pale to yellow green.

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