This genus includes a very wide range of flowering trees, among them the crab apple (Malus pumila) from which all orchard varieties of apples like Cox’s Orange Pippin, Worcester Pearmain and Laxton’s Superb have been raised. Note that some nursery catalogues may still list these flowering trees under the old generic name of Pyrus. They are popularly known as flowering crabs. Most species and varieties are easy to grow and make excellent standards. They do particularly well on limy or chalky soils. The flowering season is April and May. The foliage of many colours well in autumn, while the fruits are often decorative and in some instances edible, making good jams or jellies. Heights vary from 20 to 30 ft. when well established. Propagation is by budding on to apple stocks. The following are all distinct and worth a place in any garden.

M. Lemoinei with wine-red flowers, reddish-purple foliage and dark purple fruits.

M. magdeburgensis bears rosy-red flowers in dense clusters along almost the entire length of the branches. The bright pink M. hillieri is also noteworthy.

M. sieboldii (Toringo) bears single white blooms, followed by a heavy crop of scarlet fruits which usually remain on the tree until the New Year and are ignored by birds.

M. is similar in habit to a maple

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