Malva- Mallow

Easily grown annuals and hardy perennials, often self-sowing.


Their colouring makes them very suitable for the border. The plants are strong and have a prolonged flowering season; but don’t forget to remove faded flowers before the seed can set.


Not too rich, if possibly chalky, soil.


Annuals are sown in situ in mid spring, perennials in a seed-bed from late spring to mid summer.

Malva alcea: Hardy perennial, height 80-100 cm; deep-pink flowers, 5 cm across, from early summer to early autumn. Usually available in the erect-growing form Tastigiata’.

Malva moscbata, musk mallow: Hardy perennial, height 30-60 cm, otherwise like the previous species. Malva verticillata: Annual; height 1-2 m; whitish flowers from mid summer to early autumn. The decorative value lies mostly in the crisped leaves, which are edible.

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