Mamillopsis senilis

This species is native to northern Mexico where it grows in the mountains at elevations of 2,500-3,000 m (8,000-10,000 ft), tolerating both frost and snow. It resembles a snowball with its thick, ‘woolly’ coat. The stem is spherical at first, later oval in outline, about 4-7 cm across. The ‘woolly’ coat is composed of numerous white (sometimes yellowish) radial spines, 40-50 growing from a single areole. The central spines are hooked and brownish-yellow at the tip. The flowers have a very long tube – up to 6 cm are slightly oblique and are coloured orange-red to carmine-red. The ripe fruits are red and globose.

This is an attractive, hardy cactus but it does not produce flowers very often. To induce flowering, keep it in a cold but very light place in winter. The substrate must be free-draining and the plant should be watered with great care during the growing period.

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