In heavy soil, a shady site or a dull summer, the Livingstone Daisy will not be worth the space it occupies. The large Daisy-like flowers of this South African plant open only when the sun is shining and when grown on a shade-free sandy bank it is a strong contender for the Brightest Annual title. The prostrate spreading stems bear glistening succulent leaves and flowers in an astonishing array of gay colours.

VARIETIES: M. crinif lorum isthespeciessold as Livingstone Daisy and it is available as a mixture of bright shades including white, pink, red, orange, yellow and bi-colours. M. tricolor bears red and pink flowers but if you want to try something different then grow M. ‘Lunette’. The yellow petals surround a prominent red disc.

SITE AND SOIL: The soil should be well-drainedand sandy, and thesite must be in full sun.

PLANT DETAILS: Height 4-6 in.

Spacing: 8 in.

Flowering period: July-September.

PROPAGATION: Follow the Half Hardy Annual technique . Plant out when the danger of frost is past.

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