Though really a perennial, this very fragrant plant is invariably treated as a hardy annual. In some gardens it refuses to flourish and for best results rather more care is needed than with many hardy annuals. Mignonette prefers a limy soil and if the ground tends to acidity, work in lime or chalk a few weeks before sowing. Sow in April where the plants are to flower, preferably on a firm seed bed as mignonette is often unhappy on loose soil. The very small seeds should be barely covered with soil. Never sow thickly, otherwise considerable thinning may be needed. (Note that mignonette dislikes transplanting.) Thin to 6 in. apart. A rich, cool soil on the heavy side is best, provided drainage is perfect. On light, sandy soils, work in plenty of compost and similar materials to help conserve moisture as in very dry periods the plants quickly run to seed. Water freely during hot weather. Good varieties (all fragrant) include the deep red Crimson Fragrance to about 10 in. and Golden Goliath, a rich golden-yellow which is taller, to about 15 in. Mignonette also makes an excellent pot plant.

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