Mimosa pudica

Sensitive Plant is native to the tropical regions of Brazil where it eventually becomes woody. Few plants react to being touched as quickly as the Sensitive Plant. The moment a stalk or leaflet is touched, the plant responds immediately by folding the leaflets and drooping the leaves. This movement is distinct and noticeable. It can take as long as 30 minutes before the leaves return to their normal position. The minute, pinkish-violet flowers are clustered in globose heads.

It is often grown for one year and then a new plant is raised from seed. The seeds germinate readily and, under the right conditions, the growth of the young plants is rapid. It requires abundant warmth, water and sun. It is sensitive to soil temperature, which should not fall below 18°C (64° F) during the growing period. It must never become too dry and must not be grown in shade. If it is overwintered at a temperature of 12°-15°C (54°-59°F) the Sensitive Plant may be cultivated for a number of years.

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