The trumpet-shaped flowers of Mimulus have a Snapdragon appearance-thecolour scheme is basically either red blotched with yellow or a shade of yellow blotched with red, purple or brown. You can grow a variety of the popular M. cupreus as a short-lived perennial instead of treating it as a half hardy annual. There are also rockery perennials, but whichever one you choose must be provided with the basic needs of the Monkey Flower – a moisture-retentive soil and regular watering in dry weather.

VARIETIES: M. primuloides is perhaps the best species to grow – height 4 in., spread 9 in.

Flowering period: May-August. Bright yellow flowers are borne on short stalks arising from the prostrate mat of leaves. M. luteus guttatus (M. langsdorfii) produces yellow flowers blotched with dark brown, M. bumettii bears bronze-coloured flowers with yellow throats on 9 in. high plants.

SITE AND SOIL: A moist soil which is not allowed to dry out is essential – some shade is desirable.

PROPAGATION: Sow seeds under glass or divide clumps in spring.

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