Grow in moist friable soil in half-shade, planting roots in spring and cut back stems on old plants in September. It wants keeping under by hoeing off surplus underground stems, or planting in a bottomless pail. Mentha rotundifolia is the best flavoured mint. To control mint rust lift the roots, wash clean of soil and place in water at a temperature of 1 io┬░ F for 10 minutes. Replant in a fresh place. Mentha requienii or Corsican mint is an attractive carpeting plant with soft green leaves and minute lavender flowers in summer. It can be grown in crevices of paved paths. Height about 2 in. Prefers a moist position and sometimes fails to survive the winter. A strong peppermint aroma is apparent immediately one treads on this plant. Very easily increased by detaching pieces of the plant in late summer.

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