P. A tuberous, fragrant perennial which may be treated as a half-hardy annual and raised from seed by sowing early in the year in heat, pricking off the seedlings to harden in a cold frame and planting out in June into an ordinary soil, where they can get plenty of sun. The variety usually grown is Mirabilis jalapa, a handsome plant some 2 or 3 ft. high and developing into a dense bush covered with flowers varying in colour from white to yellow, red and purple in many shades; multiflora is a smaller plant with fine clusters of bright reddish-purple flowers, while longiflora is remarkable for its long tubular flowers, which are enriched with centres of brilliant red. The tubers can also be stored like dahlias and planted out in May.

MITELLA Grow in a moist peaty soil in rockery or border and increase by division in autumn. Mitella diphylla has cream-coloured, fringed flowers in April on a 9 in. plant.

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