Miscanthus- Eulalia

Easily grown hardy perennials with beautiful foliage and sometimes graceful flower plumes as well.


These plants deserve much greater popularity for growing in borders, in courtyard gardens or as specimen plants.


Any standard garden soil.


By division.

Miscanthus sacchariflorus: Height to 3.5 m, resembles a bamboo plant. The broad leaves arch at the tip. In Great Britain it does not flower.

Miscanthus sinensis: Height to 2 m, silvery-white flower plumes in early to mid autumn. The finest variety is the narrow-leaved form ‘Gracillimus’ – it forms magnificent clumps, 2 m in height, which do, however, not flower; in ‘Zebrinus’ the leaves are cross-banded in green and white; ‘Variegatus’ has multicoloured foliage, striped lengthwise; ‘Silberfeder’ is a readily flowering variety.

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