Modern Shrub Roses

Some of these are to be found as floribundas in the rose catalogues, and they may be grown in beds, or as shrubs, or as hedges. Average height is 4 ft. or as varied by conditions and cultivation. The origin and old classes are shown at the end of each. Except where stated, they flower in summer and autumn.

Ballerina Light pink, white eye. Tiny single flowers crammed dozens together in mop heads. Impression of a solid square plant nothing will harm. Easy to grow, and rewarding. Average height. Raised by Bentall (England) 1937. Hybrid musk.

Bonn Vermilion. Semi-double flowers, in rather scattered clusters, but of brilliant effect against bright green leaves. Above average height. Raised by Kordes (Germany) 1949. Hybrid musk (alleged).

Buff Beauty Creamy buff. Double flowers, apt to nod; nothing special but somehow the charm is there. Fragrant. Below average height. Origin unsure, introduced 1939. Hybrid musk.

Modern shrub roses

Chinatown Bright yellow. Such lush green foliage and rich yellow flowers, there is no chance of overlooking this. Fragrant into the bargain. Average height or more, grows fairly wide. Raised by Poulsen (Denmark) 1963. Floribunda.

Cornelia Light pink, touch of strawberry pink. Semi-double, small flowers in large clusters; the stems usually grow up and outwards, and have attractive dark bark. Fragrant. Average height or more, grows fairly wide. Raised by Pemberton (England) 1925. Hybrid musk.

Dorothy Vvheatcroft Scarlet. Large heads of closely set semi-double flowers, very bright. Apt to grow tall and thin. Above average height. Raised by Tantau (Germany) 1960. Floribunda.

Felicia Light pink, touch of yellow. Small flowers, well formed and fragrant; unobtrusive. Average height. Raised byPemberton (England) 1928. Hybrid musk. Fountain Bright crimson. A multitude of wide-petalled flowers wave their glorious red colour for all to see. Growth is quick, foliage ample, and Fountain wastes no time before flowering again. Average height. Raised by Tantau (Germany) 1972. Floribunda.

Fred Loads Vermilion. An upright plant, with large heads of vivid semi-double flowers, showing staniens; the colour is bright and pure. Very effective. Above average height. Raised by Holmes (England) 1967. Floribunda.

Fritz Nobis Rich, beautiful pink. One of the few roses in this section which is summer flowering only (in June usually). Also one of the most glorious shrubs in existence. The flowers are fairly large, with firm petals and a form that invites close inspection. They are carried evenly on the plant. Grows fairly wide. Well above average height. Raised by Kordes (Germany) 1940. Has sweet briar breeding.

Friihlingsgold Creamy yellow. Summer flowering only (in May usually). Very fragrant, semi-double flowers. A large shrub, very spectacular in its two or three weeks of glory. About twice average height. Raised by Kordes (Germany) 1937. Has spinosissima breeding.

Friildingsmorgen Pink with yellow centre and maroon stamens showing against the yellow. Large single flowers, worth a long look for their simple and lovely construc-

tion. Strong scent, rather mealy. Mainly early summer flowering, but some appear in autumn too. Above average height. Raised by Kordes (Germany) 1942. Has spinosissima breeding.

Golden Wings Light primrose. Wide single flowers, each an essay on how to be fragile and beautiful. Average height. Raised by Shepherd (USA) 1956. Has spinosissima breeding.

Heidelberg Bright crimson. The double flowers are augmented by the bronze tint in the foliage. This can be a splendid sight, but is apt to get blackspot. Above average height. Raised by Kordes (Germany) 1958. Floribunda.

Herbstfeuer Crimson. Not easy to find. It has unique, large, pear-shaped seedpods, very decorative. Semi-double flowers. Above average height. Raised by Kordes (Germany) 1961. Parentage not stated. Joseph’s Coat Yellow and various shades of red. A brilliant and versatile rose, may be grown in a bed, as a shrub or persuaded to climb. Semi-double flowers; the name conveys the effect very well. Average height. Raised by Swim (USA) 1964. Floribunda.

Marguerite HiBing Rosy pink, looks as if brushed on a white base. Large single flowers. Branches tend to arch, have soft dull leaves, and are festooned with flowers coming on very short stems direct from the branch. A most agreeable sight. Above average height. Raised by Hilling (England) 1959. Sport of Nevada.

Nevada White. The twin of the foregoing in all but colour. Raised by Dot (Spain) 1927. Has moyesh breeding.

Penelope Blush. Semi-double flowers, small and fragrant. Not much in themselves, but there is something satisfying in their abundant appearance. Average height (may be less). Raised by Pemberton (England) 1924. Hybrid musk.

Pink Grootendorst Rose pink. This is the one with small double flowers frilled at the edges. Interesting, although one may feel bush and flowers are out of scale. Above average height. Raised by Grootendorst (Holland) 1923. Has rugosa breeding. Saga White, with buff tints. Extremely free blooming, with medium-sized semi-double flowers borne simultaneously at many levels. Average height. Raised by Harkness (England) 1974. Floribunda Scluieezwerg White. Very hardy and trouble free, with smallish foliage, and a long succession of flat, well-formed, semi-double blooms. Average height. Raised by Lambert (Germany) 1912. Has rugosa breeding.

The Fairy Pink. Masses of little double

flowers, like those of the old ramblers,

from July onwards; the smother of blooms is soft against the small dark shiny leaves. Apt to stay short; below average height. Raised by Bentall (England) 1932. Has wichuraiana origin.

Yesterday Rose to lilac pink. Very small flowers and leaves. Blooms in large heads, opening on a programme that ensures long continuity. The flowers are semi-double, open from rose red to pink with a touch of lilac, beautiful in conjunction. Sweetly fragrant. Has power to exert a very strong charm. Average height or less. Raised by Harkness (England) 1974. Highly complicated origin.

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