In some gardens these animals are never seen, in others they are a real menace on lawns, seed beds etc. They feed on soil pests like leatherjackets and wireworms but this hardly compensates for the numerous runs and ‘hills’ which loosen the soil. Many remedies have been advocated ranging from the burying of empty bottles with the uncorked necks just above soil level (this method is claimed to scare the moles by producing strange noises underground) to gassing with calcium carbide or calcium cyanide (the latter is a deadly poison). Trapping by an expert mole catcher is another means of control and so far as most people are concerned this may be the best answer, as an expert can distinguish the main from the subsidiary runs. The latest technique is to gas the moles by means of a type of firework which is lit and introduced into the runs, causing the gas to run rapidly downhill. This method was developed in France.

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