Monarda- Bergamot

Easily grown hardy perennial with unusually shaped flower-heads.


Monarda is an excellent border plant, but to avoid mistakes it is essential to know the colours of the various forms.


Well-manured garden soil, definitely not too dry.


By division in spring.

Monarda didyma: Height 50-90 cm; flowering season mid summer to early autumn. Both flowers and bracts are scarlet.

Monarda fistulosa: Height 70-100 cm; flowering season mid summer to early autumn; purple flower-heads. Likes dry soil.

Monarda hybrids: Height 60-90 cm, and the most important group. ‘Adam’, cyclamen red; ‘Cambridge Scarlet’, scarlet; ‘Croftway Pink’, soft pink; ‘Mahogany’, mahogany red; ‘Melissa’, soft pink; ‘Prairie Night’, purple.

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