Monstera obliqua

This Monstera is a much rarer species than the commonly cultivated M. deliciosa. It is native to the forests of Brazil and the conditions for growing are the same as for all other Mons-teras. It has long ovate leaves which are not lobed and incised, but entire on the margin and perforated on either side of the midrib; these perforations are usually ellipsoid. The leaf blade is 20-25 cm (8-10 in) long.

All Monsteras should be grown in a loam and peat compost. Water regularly but not too liberally; rather dry compost is tolerated better than soggy compost. Monsteras have no special humidity requirements. The ideal temperature for most species is 15°-20°C (59°-68°F), and even lower in winter. M. obliqua, however, requires greater warmth, about 20°C (68° F) in winter, and also more diffused light. Soilless cultivation in hydroponic containers is a recommended method. Propagate by tip and stem cuttings.

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