A neat and compact cushion plant for the cracks in crazy paving or a pocket between stones in the rock garden. It is an uncommon specimen with special needs -sandy soil is essential for its survival and full sun is necessary to ensure that the floral display in spring will be satisfactory. The blooms are stemless, the large yellow flowers arising directly from amongst the tiny toothed leaves. Its early-flowering habit is welcome, but planting Morisia is a waste of time if the soil is heavy.

VARIETIES: There is a single species – M. monanthos (M. hypo-gaea). The basic details are height 1 in., spread 6 in.

Flowering period: March-May. It is not a true alpine – it grows wild on the Sardinian coast. The clusters of golden blooms show that Morisia is a member of the Cabbage family – there are 4 petals making up each cross-shaped flower.

SITE AND SOIL: Requires well-drained, light soil in full sun.

PROPAGATION: Plant root cuttings in a cold frame in late winter.

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