MYOSOTIS – forget-me-not

A popular hardy biennial bedding plant, myosotis makes a delicate carpeting display. Use its tiny but profuse flowers to make a starry effect under spring bulbs or for early colour on a rockery.

Suitable site and soil. Plant in sun or partial shade in fertile well-drained garden soil, except for water forget-me-not which grows in moist soil as a marginal water plant.

Cultivation and care. Water well in dry conditions and remove plants suffering from grey mould in wet, cold conditions.

Propagation. Sow seeds in a seed bed outdoors in early 134 summer and grow on in a nursery bed until ready for planting in flowering position in autumn. Self-seeds abundantly. Take basal cuttings from water forget-me-not, keep moist and plant out when rooted.

Recommended varieties. Most garden hybrids are derived from the alpine myosotis, M. alpestris.’Blue Ball’ is good for edging and as’ a bedding plant. ‘Carmine King’ has rosy pink flowers and grows to 20cm – 8in. Tall-growing to 30cm – 12in, ‘Royal Blue’ is best as a dense planting in a mixed border. White Ball’ is a compact plant that grows to 15cm – 6in with a mass of white flowers. Water forget-me-not, M. palustris ‘Blue Mermaid’ grows in shallow water or a bog garden. It has a sprawling habit and produces small blue flowers in summer.

Pests and diseases. Generally trouble free but in damp and cold conditions may suffer from grey mould.


For a perfect, fresh-looking spring bedding scheme, plan at least one bed with pink tulips blooming high above a delicately frothy carpet of blue forget-me-not.

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