The varieties used for spring bedding with tulips are really perennials, though usually treated as biennials, seed being sown in June or July and the seedlings transferred to their permanent quarters in early autumn. They vary in height from 4 to 15 in. Sutton’s Miniature is very useful for edging, the compact growing plants only reaching 4 in. Wraysbury Blue has more petals than most varieties, and each flower has a yellow eye. There are also white, pink and carmine varieties. Self-sown seedlings of myosotis are frequent and it is an easy matter to naturalise these plants or to secure a fresh supply for the next year’s bedding. Myosotis palustris (scorpioides) is the water forget-me-not, with bright blue flowers very freely produced in spring and summer on a 1 ft. plant. It demands a moist soil and should be planted by the side of a stream, pool or in the bog garden. Increase by division after flowering.

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