Narcissus- Daffodil

Very well known bulbous plant, available in innumerable forms. The flowers keep for a long time in water.


Many narcissi, especially the smaller forms, are so strong that they are easily naturalised. They will grow very well under shrubs and trees, also among perennials in the border. Plant in mid autumn.


Nutritious soil, quite damp from mid spring to early summer, is appreciated; but after this time the situation should be reasonably dry. If not, the bulbs should be lifted every year and replanted in mid autumn; they will then flower much more profusely.


When lifted, as soon as the foliage has died down, the bulbs may be divided. Botanical species may also be grown from seed.

Narcissus bulbs should be ordered only from reliable firms; there are several reputable mail order companies. The usual classifications are:

Trumpet narcissi: Height 40-50 cm; flowering season mid spring, the large flowers possessing an elongated, trumpet-shaped corolla. White, yellow or rose red.

Large-cupped narcissi: Height 40-50 cm; flowering season mid spring, cup somewhat shorter than in the trumpet varieties. White with red, yellow with red, cream with orange etc.

Small-cupped narcissi: Height 30-40 cm; flowering season mid spring, the flowers having a fairly small cup in a contrasting colour, frequently orange.

Double narcissi: Height 30-40 cm; flowering season mid spring, double flowers, also bicoloured.

Triandrus hybrids: Height 15-30 cm; flowering season mid spring, small flowers, 1-6 to a stalk, the perianth somewhat reflexed. Yellow and white.

Cyclamen narcissi: Height 15-25 cm; flowering season early spring, petals reflexed, as in the cylamen; elongated cup.

Jonquil narcissi: Height 30 cm; fragrant yellow flower clusters in mid spring.

Tazetta narcissi, also called Poetaz narcissi: Height 30 cm; clusters of fairly white, yellow or orange flowers in mid spring.

Poet’s narcissi: Height 40 cm; flowering late spring. Large white flowers with a flat cup, white with orange.

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