Neoregelia carolinae ‘Tricolor’

Blushing Bromeliad . The leaves are arranged in a funnel-shaped rosette. The very short inflorescence is concealed inside the funnel. The tough, leathery leaves may be up to 40 cm (16 in) long. They are truncated and shortly pointed at the tip and densely edged with minute spines on the margins. The leaves in the centre of the rosettes turn brilliant red at the onset of flowers. The others are dark green, except for those of the cul-tivar ‘Tricolor’ which are striped yellow-white and flushed with red. The type species is native to Brazil.

Neoregelias require a high temperature and ample atmospheric moisture – the relative humidity should not fall to less than 60 per cent. There must always be water in the centre of the leaf rosette. Propagate by the side rosettes.

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