Nepeta- Catmint

Robust perennial, beloved by cats.


Very suitable for borders, the violet colour being excellent in combination with other shades. Provide a sunny situation and leave the foliage on the plant as frost protection in winter.


Will grow in any reasonably well-improved garden soil, provided it is not too wet.


The easiest method is by division in spring; also from cuttings rooted under glass.

Nepeta X faassenii: Height 30 cm; flowering season from late spring until late summer; if cut down it will often flower for a second time. ‘Six Hills Giant’ is a well known cultivar. The flowers are sterile, which is why they last so long.

Nepeta sihirica syn Dracocephalum sihiricum: Height 75 cm; flowering season mid summer to early autumn with much larger flowers, bright blue. An excellent border plant; requires staking.

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