Nicotiana- Tobacco Plant

The tobacco plant is a charming annual, very attractive in flower arrangements.


Can be used in borders, but the stems are fairly limp and may need careful staking


To avoid rampant growth it should not be given very rich soil.


Sow in warm conditions under glass from early spring onwards, or in mid spring in a cold frame.

Prick out once and plant out in late spring, 25-30 cm apart.

Nicotiana alata: Height 1 m; fragrant white flowers streaked with violet on the outside, in summer. Nicotiana X sanderae: Height to 75 cm; flowers from early summer until autumn, in a variety of colours: white, yellow, red, also green – a very unusual shade. As a rule they are fragrant as well, and in the case of the ‘Daylight Hybrids’ they remain open during the day.

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