Nothofagus- Southern Beech

Deciduous shrub with unusual branching, related to the oak, beech and chestnut.


This shrub does not grow very fast and, because of its narrow habit, takes up little space. The fernlike branches show to good advantage against a wall. Provide full sun or partial shade.


The soil must be acid; Nothofagus is therefore best planted in a heath garden or other humus-rich, lime-free soil.


From cuttings taken in summer, by layering, and from imported seed. Viable seed is rarely produced in a northerly climate. Very occasionally the plant sows itself.

Nothofagus antarctica: Height rarely above 6 m, usually a bush, sometimes a small tree. Thin twigs, in young specimens covered in fine down; oval, asymmetrical leaves, 1-3 cm long, irregularly serrated. The leaves grow close together.

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