Notocactus ononis

This species is distributed throughout southern Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. The illustrated specimen is the cultivar N. ononis f. vencluyanus. It differs from the type by having reddish-orange blossoms. Like every other species of this genus, it has a purplish-red stigma. The globose body, 5-11 cm (2-4 in) across, has 6-13 ribs that are not very pronounced. The areoles carry 8-15 radial spines coloured yellow and three to four central spines coloured brown. The flowers, measuring up to 6 cm (2.5 inch) and coloured a deep vivid yellow, emerge in a wreath round the thickly woolly crown. The fruits are relatively small, retaining the remains of the perianth for a long time. The seeds have short dry appendages (strofioles).

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