Oenothera- Evening Primrose

Annuals and hardy perennials with large, somewhat limp yellow flowers.


Because of their long flowering season they are very suitable for borders, the lower-growing species also for the rock garden.


Fairly sandy, nutritious.


By division in spring.

Oenothera fruticosa: Hardy perennial; height 30-50 cm, vivid yellow flowers throughout summer months. ‘Youngii’ is golden and ‘Yellow River’ canary yellow. Oenothera missouriensis: Hardy perennial; height 20-30 cm; very large golden-yellow flowers from mid summer to mid autumn.

Oenothera tertagona: Hardy perennial; height 40-80 cm; yellow flowers throughout summer months. Resembles Oenothera fruticosa, but the stems are bluish rather than red. Tyrverkeri’ is red when in bud; the foliage is dark green tinged with brown; ‘W. Cuthbertson’ resembles the previous variety, but grows somewhat taller; the leaves are more evenly green and the flower-buds are deeper red.

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