Offsets and runners FAQs

Is it best to cut strawberry runners off the plant and root them in a greenhouse?

No. Keep the runners attached to the parent plant so that they can sap energy from it while they form their own roots. Sink pots of John Innes No 1 potting compost into the earth around each plant to be propagated, and peg the runners into the compost. When the young plants grow away and have increased considerably in size, with plenty of new growth, sever their ‘umbilical cords’. Remove them from their pots and plant them out about 450 mm (18 in) apart.

I have noticed small plantlets appearing on the leaves of a potted asplenium fern I bought last year. Can these be removed and potted on?

The fern Asplenium bulbiferum does produce plantlets on its leaves. To propagate, the whole leaf should be removed and pegged flat on a tray of compost. The plantlets will then establish their own roots and within a couple of months may be detached and potted on.

A large yucca in my garden has some smaller plants growing from it. Can these be removed and rooted, so that I might use them elsewhere to fill a gap?

Yes—sever them from the parent plant and pot them up in containers of sandy compost. Keep them in a warm greenhouse so that they can establish their own roots, then harden them off before planting them outside.

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