FLOWERING SHRUB. A beautiful double-flowering member of the genus Nerium which, it should be mentioned, is poisonous. The flowers of Nerium oleander may be pink, red or white. The plant is evergreen and in the wild state will reach 15 ft. or more; in the greenhouse it is kept relatively dwarf by pruning. A mixture of loam and peat with a proportion of sand is best, and though it presents no difficulty in culture it is liable to become infested with aphids and must be regularly fumigated. Slightly prune flowering shoots when blossom has faded. It is largely grown in tubs in the greenhouse and should be kept well watered. The plant will not usually bear cutting owing to its great tendency to bleed. Propagate by root-suckers, or by slips pulled from the stem and struck in a bottle of water or in a light soil kept continually wet.

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