The dwarf, stemless plants resemble Lithops, the bodies consisting of a pair of united leaves, translucent over their whole surface. The flowers are white, pink, or lilac. The chief growing period is from September to February, and the plants require a very light position. Great care must be exercised in the watering of these plants. The compost should be very sandy, for they dislike stagnant moisture. There are about 15 species.

Ophthalmophyllum Friedrichiae. The growths are usually solitary, the fissure running right across the top, gaping, and about J inch deep. The body is green, but takes on a copper-red colour during the resting period. The top of the plant has a very transparent “window”, with large pale dots along the lower edge. The flowers are white.

Ophthalmophyllum Maughanii. This species usually has only one body, pale green in colour, with pale yellowish-green “windows”, which are almost transparent. It is one of the largest species, and has white flowers.

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