P. This is the hardy deciduous kind of orchid and may be grown out of doors. Two other kinds, Ophrys and Spiranthes, may be included as they conform to the same general treatment: a sandy loam, enriched and with a chalk undersoil, a moist situation and a sunny position in rockery and border for Orchis and Spiranthes, shade for Spiranthes. They are increased by off-sets in autumn. Colours vary considerably, Orchis mederensis (foliosa) being purple to 2 ft., Ophrys apifera (the Bee Orchis) rose and green to 1 ft., and Spiranthes Romanzoffiana (gemmipara) having fragrant white flowers in late summer. Certain kinds of Cypripedium are also hardy, treated as above, but add sphagnum moss to soil, and give some shade. Their flowers are mostly green, blooming in winter.

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