Organising Wedding Flower Arrangements

When a church is being decorated for a wedding it is very helpful to use flowers so as to provide colour from the floor to a given height. There are various sorts of constructions designed for this purpose. There are three kinds at St Albans Abbey, one in iron and two more simple ones made basically in wood. The method by which they are made is seen from the accompanying drawings.

In the case of the one made of iron a flat base is used onto which is bolted an upright. Containers areaffixed to the upright at intervals of about a foot. A seed box for Oasis is placed on the flat base . The wooden constructions are less stable, but very easy for a handyman to make. The structure of the first is similar to the iron one except that flat wooden shelves are fixed up the post at intervals and on them are secured the flat plates which are sold to hold bricks of Oasis. Again, a seed box for Oasis is placed at the base . This construction has the advantage of being very simple. The other type of wooden construction has a wooden cross-piece as a base, to which is fixed an upright wooden pole. A hole is made in the middle of a round washing-up bowl, which is dropped down over the top of the pole to form the bottom tier of the construction. Metal hub caps, again with holes in the centre, are fixed to the pole to form the second and third tiers. A cone is lashed to the top of the pole . The bowl and the hub-caps will be filled with Oasis and the cone with water.

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