Organising Wedding Flowers that look fresh

Not only will the wedding flower arrangement include flowers and foliage picked from gardens, but, because of the need for flowers in specially selected colours, it will also be necessary to purchase a certain amount of material.

To ensure that the operation runs smoothly the organization of the wedding flower pool will need at least two people, and in the case of a cathedral many more.

The great thing about wedding flower pool personnel is that the best people for the job are not necessarily flower arrangers at all; keen gardeners are excellent, or practical housewives with some knowledge of plant material — in other words, the flower pool is a good way of using volunteers who do not want to be flower arrangers.

Methods of obtaining flowers for weddings

Immediately after viewing day, when it will have been possible to obtain a good idea of the flower arrangers’ requirements, the flower pool organization should check on local gardens and ask their owners whether they are prepared to pick flowers for the wedding and roughly what sort will be available. If the weddingl is in a cathedral, letters should be written to the owners of all the houses in the diocese with large gardens asking them for flowers. Letters from those answering in the affirmative should be filed and contact should be renewed with them about a month before the festival, inquiring about suitable times for collection. Sometimes flowers have to be picked by members of the flower pool organization, as well as collected, so that obtaining the flowers can be a very time-consuming operation. When gardens are able to provide a lot of flowers, offers of the use of estate cars or vans are invaluable.

Buying wedding flowers

From the requests received on viewing day the secretary will have compiled a list of the flowers which will have to be purchased. The artistic director will also have requirements. All flowers to be bought will have to be carefully listed in colours and varieties and the festival committee will appoint someone to buy all the necessary material. Most churches have a local supplier from whom they buy throughout the year, and this will generally be the best source. Some local nurseries will not only supply the church with flowers but will deliver the material in buckets which they will lend for the duration of the festival.

Hedgerow and other wild material

Depending on the time of year, there is a lot of excellent material to be had free . A member of the flower pool organization should be prepared to go and pick what is needed and bring it straight into the church to be carefully conditioned: likewise any interesting material from vegetable gardens.

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