ORNAMENTAL gardening is always changing a little. Nowadays there are so many diversions to occupy our leisure time television, motoring, golf and so on. That apart from the devoted garden lovers who ask only good enough weather to enable them to spend every hour of daylight in the garden, most people are content if they can have a reasonably.good show, a tidy garden, some flowers to cut and all with the minimum of attention.

Throughout this website will be found many suggestions for planting the ornamental part of the garden with flowering shrubs, bulbs and other plants that are virtually trouble-free and which can be maintained with the minimum amount of effort. Of course, one has to learn a few techniques such as the proper enrichment of the soil, the preparation of potting composts – and the production of garden compost from waste material weeds, kitchen refuse and the like. It is a pity the word ‘compost’ has this dual meaning as it can cause confusion.

One of the most satisfying gardening activities is propagation increasing one’s slock of plants by seed or vegetative methods by cuttings or division of the roots. One does not need green fingers – only a little common sense and, of course, the right materials. A greenhouse and a few frames can be a wonderful. But all flowers need the right setting and usually look at their best if they are set off by a cool green lawn. So before going too far with your planting, study the Garden Planning Guide to obtain Ideas for making the best of whatever garden features you mav wish to create or improve. And if you wish your garden to be a combination of the utilitarian and the ornamental, there is the Fruit and Vegetable Guide which will help you to choose and grow well all the fruits and vegetables that are suitable for a small garden.

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