Osmunda- Royal Fern

Ferns, thus hardy perennials, which show to particularly good advantage on the waterside.


Beautiful specimen plants for a medium-sized garden, but also useful for filling in a shady corner. When the plant starts into growth and in the autumn, the colouring is impressive. Needs a sheltered position.


Requires damp or even wet soil with an adequate humus content.


By division of the rootstock in spring; also from fresh spores.

Osmunda regalis: Height to 100 cm; the leaves are bi-pinnate, yellow green, with crenate margins. When they appear they are rolled up in an attractive manner. The spores are arranged in small spikes and form a heavy brown plume. In some gardens the form ‘Gracilis’ may still be found; it is smaller in all its parts and more delicate in structure.

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