P. A choice and somewhat tricky perennial which is tuberous-rooted and should be planted in light, warm soil, perfectly drained and deeply dug so that the long, tuberous roots can penetrate the subsoil. The open border should be avoided, save possibly in very favoured districts, and the roots planted in April against a sunny wall and sheltered from cold winds. Protect in winter by covering with leaves, ashes, bracken or similar material and again, as necessary, to guard the young shoots against spring frosts. The immense, bell-shaped flowers, 5—6 in. across, are lilac and vary somewhat in colour, appearing in late summer on a plant about 4 ft. tall. Propagation is by seed which may be sown in pots of sandy soil in a cold frame. Sow during April or as soon as the seeds are ripe. Seedlings take about 5 years to reach flowering size.

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