Outdoor Freesia

The florist Freesias are well-known as cut flowers for indoor decoration – less well-known are the Outdoor Freesias which can be grown in a sheltered sunny spot in the garden. These Freesia corms have been specially prepared to enable them to flower in our climate – a bright display of richly fragrant blooms in late summer and autumn, but unfortunately the corms have to be discarded once flowering has finished.

VARIETIES: Buy prepared corms of F. hybrida – never try to grow ordinary Freesias outdoors unless you live in a specially favoured spot like the Isles of Scilly. The funnel-shaped flowers are borne on one side of wiry stems – the secrets of success are to provide a warm spot and to water regularly in dry weather, A mixture will provide white, red, yellow, blue and lilac flowers.

SITE AND SOIL: Light, well-drained soil in full sun is essential.

PLANT DETAILS: Planting time April. Planting depth 2 in.

Spacing: 4 in. Height 1 ft.

Flowering period: August-October.

PROPAGATION: Not practical – buy new corms. For each month there is a list of bulbous plants which can be expected to be in full bloom – remember that some of these plants may come into flower earlier and can continue to bloom for weeks afterwards.

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