This genus includes some delightful plants for the rockery, usually about 3 in. high, and all perennial. Given the right conditions, they are by no means difficult to grow. Oxalis adenophylla bears funnel-shaped, mauve-pink flowers in May and June. The crinkled grey foliage forms a pleasing contrast. This species prefers a sunny position and light, well-drained soil, tolerating prolonged drought. The leaves disappear after flowering. Increase by detaching offsets from the parent bulb in spring. 0. chrysantha bears bell-shaped buttercup-yellow flowers all summer. It dislikes winter wet and appreciates a pane of glass to keep the rain away. It is easily increased by division and deserves to be grown more widely. 0. enneaphylla has pure white, cup-shaped flowers in early summer. It has some fragrance. A pink form is available. Increase by division in spring. 0. rosea (floribunda) has bright green leaves and rose-pink flowers all summer on a plant about 1 ft. tall. It succeeds on bone-dry ground and is often grown under trees. Increase by division in spring.

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