Pachyphytum oviferum

Moonstone Plant resembles some Echeverias. This species is the most familiar of the eight belonging to the genus Pachyphytum, all native to Mexico. Although it is rarely grown as a house plant and is not much cultivated by growers of succulents, it deserves greater attention. It has a short, thick stem. The large, prominent, succulent leaves are obovate, 3-5 cm (1-2 inch) long, up to 1.5 cm thick and coated with a bluish bloom. The flowers, which appear in spring, are drooping and greenish with a pink throat.

It requires a light, well-ventilated position, at normal room temperature in summer and at 5°-10°C (41°-50°F) in winter. Water only when the compost is dry. Repot every other spring, taking care not to rub the bloom off the leaves. Propagate by detaching a leaf and allowing it to dry. Then lay it on the surface of the growing medium where it will soon root. After it has put out roots, pot it up in a small pot in clay compost.

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