Paeonia- Peony

Hardy perennials and shrubs with striking flowers.


In Great Britain the shrubs tend to be difficult to grow. The hardy perennials are easier, but sometimes fail to flower, often because of incorrect placing. Transplant in late summer or early autumn, ensure a sunny situation and leave the plants to their own devices for the time being.


Heavy soil, if possible clay; it must be well drained.


By division in spring.

Paeonia lactiflora: The progenitor of numerous hybrids, height to 100 cm; flowers in early summer. Several flower shapes are distinguished, for instance single, semi-double, double, anemone-flowered, Japanese etc. Each type occurs in a variety of colours.

Paeonia officinalis: Height 30-70 cm; red flowers mid spring to early summer. There are other shades as well.

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