Pandanus veitchii

Screw Pine . Pandanus has 600 known species, all native to the islands of Polynesia. They mainly grow along the coast, where they form thick stands. Pandanus is an uncommon house plant. Even the most popular P. veitchii is seen only rarely in the home. It reaches a height of 2 m (6V2 ft) and the leaf rosette measures up to 1.5 m (5 ft) across. The sword-shaped leaves, up to 10 cm (4 in) wide, are striped longitudinally with white and are sharply serrated on the margin. They grow in a spiral on a relatively short stem. Typical of Pandanus are the aerial roots that grow from the stem, become woody and serve as supports for the plant. The inconspicuous flowers are clustered in globose inflorescences but are rarely produced indoors. Pandanus should be grown in diffused light. It requires high humidity in the summer and should be misted regularly with tepid water; in winter it tolerates a dry atmosphere. Water liberally, until the soil becomes muddy in summer, and moderately in winter. Always use tepid water. Propagate by detaching the young plants that form on the trunk; they root readily in a propagator.

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