P. Useful border plants which prefer soil that does not dry out too readily. Paradisea liliastrum major grows to 2 ½ ft. with white, lily-like blooms, tipped with green. The roots are thick and fleshy, and care should be taken not to damage them when dividing the plant in March or September.

PAROCHETUS COMMUNIS or SHAMROCK PEA P. A most beautiful carpeting plant for a sunny, well-drained but cool position on the rockery. It blooms from late summer into winter with bright green, clover-like leaves and brilliant blue, pea-like flowers. Only hardy in really warm districts and should be protected with a pane of glass etc. in winter. Alternatively, some of the rooted runners may be placed in 3 in. pots and wintered in a cold frame, transferring to the open garden in April.

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