Striking rosette-shaped succulent plants with thick spear-shaped leaves. The leaves are broadly striped from side to side with bands of olive green and white and have a narrow white edge. They do not demand a lot of attention.


Minimum all year 10 °C (50 °C)

Soil: A soil-less compost mixed with 20% sharp sand.

Where to position: In summer, may be placed out of doors in full sun. In winter, keep in a light frost-free position.

Watering requirements: Keep soil moist, rather less so in winter. Succulents can survive under-watering to a high degree. Spraying and humidity are unnecessary.

Feeding and fertilizer: They need feeding with weak liquid fertilizer only two or three times per season.

Rest and care: In winter growth slows; less water is needed. Place in light, frost-free, sheltered position.

When it looks sick:

Browned edges to sections of the leaves : This is usually caused by a combination of mistreatments. Harsh sunlight through glass coupled with gross under-watering may cause it. Widely fluctuating temperatures, coupled with draughts and gross under-watering have an identical effect.

The plant is rocky and loose in the soil : Stop over-watering. Allow the soil to dry out and then water sparingly. The looseness is the result of root-rot weakening the plant’s hold in sodden soil.

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