Pelargonium- Geranium

Non-hardy plant, better known as an indoor plant.


Geraniums are used on a large scale in window-boxes, but also as bedding plants. They require full sun and the reason why they do so well in window-boxes is that they need little water.


Use potting soil in boxes and containers; in the garden any not too wet soil is acceptable.


A number of varieties can be sown under glass.from mid winter onwards; otherwise take cuttings in late summer; keep them frost free in winter.

Pelargonium peltatum hybrids: Trailing stems and shield-shaped, angular fleshy leaves; the leaf-stalk reaches to just within the leaf margin. Lilac, rose-red, white flowers etc. Ideal for window-boxes.

Pelargonium zonale hybrids: .

Penstemon hirsutus: Hardy perennial, height 20-70 cm; reddish-lilac flower clusters in summer months. The entire plant is covered in down.

Penstemon hybrids: Height 30-80 cm; plants grown as biennials flower from late spring to mid summer. There are low-growing as well as tall-growing strains. The blood-red forms are very well known, but there are also lilac varieties and other pastel shades.

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