Pelargonium peltatum – Ivy Geranium

Ivy Geranium is an attractive, useful and easy to grow plant of great value for hanging baskets, balconies etc. The leaves are a clear, bright green, smooth and almost ivy-shaped. These Pelargoniums are really rugged and seem capable of overcoming any conditions except frost. The flowers are similar to those of Zonal Pelargonium but heads are usually smaller.

Pelargonium peltatum - Ivy Geranium

Where to position: In a bright position. It can stand even strong sun and tolerates draughts and temperature changes.

Watering requirements: Tap water to keep soil moist – do not over-water. No spraying or humidity needed.

General care: Feed once fortnightly with well-diluted liquid fertilizer. Pinching out is not necessary, but may be employed to train the plant into the required shape. Remove faded flowers and stems.

Rest: In autumn reduce water until soil is almost dry. Put it in a cool, frost-free spot. In spring, cut back and re-pot in fresh compost with a teaspoonful of bone meal. Gradually return to normal routine as growth begins.

When it looks sick:

  • Yellow leaves: Usually caused by over-watering. Put in airy place to dry out. Remove badly affected leaves from the main stem by snapping them firmly downwards. Check for root rot. In extreme cases, re-pot.
  • Black areas on stems: Symptomatic of rot. Cut out affected stems and dust the wound with fungicidal powder.

P. regale and P. zonale, closely related plants.


  • Growing season 75° F
  • Minimum winter 6-20 °C (43-68 °F) Frost-free

Soil: A mixture of . good soil-less compost and 25 % friable loam.

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