Petunia – hybr

Petunias are native to South America, chiefly to Brazil and Argentina. Shortly after they were introduced into cultivation, they rapidly became the subject of selective breeding. Consequently, there are now countless cultivars with flowers differing not only in colour, but also in size and shape. It is interesting, however, that petunia-lovers tend to prefer forms with simple flowers that are most like the type species.

Petunias are typical window-box, balcony and patio plants. They are annuals, and cultivation ends when the flowers have faded. They are not usually grown from seed by amateurs because it is impossible to provide them with sufficient light. Also, pricking them out is a lengthy task. It is better to buy seedlings from a nursery. Petunias are attractive only in full sun, and they must be watered liberally; otherwise the leaves quickly droop and the flowers wilt.

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