Philadelphus- Mock Orange

Deciduous shrub with fragrant white flowers.


Excellent flowering shrub, even in small gardens. Branches that have finished flowering should be removed in their entirety in order to maintain a compact bush. The forms most often grown are hybrids, which are not always fragrant. The Philadelphus coronarius is best in this respect.


Any standard garden soil.


From cuttings taken in summer or winter.

Philadelphus coronarius, sweet mock orange: Height 3-4 m; fragrant white flowers in late spring and early summer.

Philadelphus hybrids: Height 2 m; large single or double flowers, sometimes fragrant, in early summer.

The following varieties are scented: ‘Albatre’, ‘Lemoinei’, ‘Virginal’. Those with little or no fragrance are: ‘Belle Etoile’, ‘Dame Blanche’, Innocence’, ‘Manteau d^Hermine* and ‘Rosace’.

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