Phlox Decussata

Phlox Decussata will grow in any ordinary good soil, which for preference should be deeply moved before planting time.

Although they will grow in partial shade, they give of their best in an open, sunny situation, but the ground should not dry out at any time. This is why land rich in humus material is advisable, otherwise during hot, dry spells the plants cease to look perky. Therefore any kind of bulky manure is preferable to artificials when feeding material is being added to the ground, before planting is done.

Once established in the right position, watering is rarely necessary, but if it is, thorough soakings should be applied rather than dribbles, which bring the roots to the surface and really make matters worse. They are not the best of flowers for cutting, since the flowers tend to drop quickly, especially in hot weather.

Phlox Decussata

Experience has shown that plants grown from root cuttings are of a better constitution than those grown from divisions. Named varieties are available in many shades of orange, scarlet, crimson, purple, lilac, rose and white.

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