Pin-Holders For Flower Arrangements

Pin-Holders For Flower Arrangements

Known as kenzan in Japan, pin-holders are ancient stem-holders brought up to date. They come in many sizes and shapes, including minute examples for miniature arrangements or for holding a single flower. They are used mainly in shallow containers but they are also useful sometimes at the base of a tall container, especially when a tall and heavy branch is to be displayed.

These holders consist of upright pin, needle or nail points projecting upwards from a heavy metal base. Stems are impaled on the points either vertically or at an angle; woody stems are more easily arranged if the ends are cut at a slant. Plastic pin-holders are also obtainable but these will not efficiently hold all types of stems.

To prevent movement the pin-holder should be firmly anchored before starting to arrange. This is done by making four or five small pills of Plasticine or OASISFIX (a kind of sticky modelling clay) which can be lightly attached to the dry base of the holder. If this is then pressed against the floor of the container, which must also be dry, the pills will become squashed and act as washers or suckers.

A small pin-holder can sometimes be used to good effect in unorthodox manner. If you fix it to the side of a glass container, one or several stems can be pushed against the pinpoints and held firmly in place. The pin-holder itself can be hidden with a few leaves and the stems will stand seemingly unsupported in the glass.

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