Plants as Presents

Choose a plant to suit the I occasion, the recipient and the place where it will be displayed. Plants make great presents for almost any situation that requires either celebration or an expression of sympathy.

For a birthday

A flowering plant in a favourite colour is bound to be popular— a person’s clothes are usually a good guide to their colour preference.

Group plants in a pretty container chosen to go with the recipient’s décor, and your present will have price of place in their home.

At Christmas

Add colour and interest to a practical present such as a pan or casserole that can, temporarily, act as a plant container. Line it with polythene, and fill it with a seasonally cheerful pot plant (in its pot) – Poinsettia, Christmas Cactus or Red Sweet Pepper.

For a wonderfully scented present give a Chinese Jasmine, or plant an Amaryllis in a pretty pot so that the exotic flowers will appear extra early (some specially prepared bulbs will even flower for Christmas).

For a patientPlants as Presents

Hospital beside tables provide little space, so think small. For an unusual present attach an Air Plant to a decorative shell. Highly scented flowers are unlikely to appeal to people who are very ill nor will flowers with very bright colours.

Moving home

If you know the colour scheme of the new home, pick a flowering plant to complement it. Otherwise go for foliage plants or plants with white flowers.


  • A carefully picked container turns a plant into a special present: Spray an old basket to match the flower colour, then line.
  • Spray sparkle onto the pot of a Christmas plant.
  • Use leaves to create a pattern on the pot.Spray in one colour. Position leaves with Bluetack and add a second colour. Remove leaves.

Plants with a plus

Your plants can provide the basis for some original present ideas if you gather their flowers, leaves and seeds, and take cuttings to produce new plants for gifts.

Herbs flourish if constantly snipped. Dry them by hanging up, or put them in a microwave oven sandwiched between absorbent paper. Package them in pretty labelled bags made from fabric scraps.

For a special occasion put a bottle of champagne, or sparkling wine, in a basket and surround it with Polka Dot plants with a variety of coloured leaves.

An unusual gift would be a flowering plant with flowers or leaves you can eat— Nasturtium, Borage, Rose or Violet — together with some appropriate recipes.

Wrapping up ideas

  • Use a square of leftover fabric as a pot cover. Place the plant in the centre, pull up and loosely tie the fabric around the base of the stem.
  • Add a few paper flowers to a green plant, then wrap in matching paper.
  • Thread a ribbon that matches the colour of the pot plant’s flower around the edge and handle of the basket containing the plant.
  • Wrap in the traditional way, and tie with a giant how.

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