Plants For halls and stairways

The problem with displaying plants in halls and on stairways is the often dark and draughty conditions that too often prevail there. Although during the summer the conditions may be satisfactory. in winter they can be very inhospitable. However, double glazing. central heating and draught excluders around doors can improve matters. Despite their drawbacks, hallways and stairs do offer the opportunity to grow tall or trailing plants – however, much depends on the position of the stairs. Plants well suited to these conditions are Ficus benjamina, Aucuba japonica, Crassula arborescens, Monstera detieiosa and Grevillea robusta. They are all plants which have quite sturdy foliage resistant to cool conditions. However, they should not be abused and if they look dejected must be moved to better conditions in order to recuperate.

Palms and ferns are tolerant of low light areas, but if on a ledge will need to be safely secured to prevent them being knocked over. If space is limited, troughs of plants on window-sills or ledges make interesting displays.

If the area is particularly dark, spotlights can be employed to make focal points of specimen plants. They can be most effective at night.

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